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Pure Water Outpost is excited to announce that plans are currently in the works for the PWO Training Center - opening in 2024 at Atlantic Plaza in Satellite Beach, Florida!

PWOTC will be an indoor, state-of-the-art, surf training facility complete with an innovative surf-skate wave ramp. Designed for surfers, also beneficial for landlubbers!


Membership to the facility will include physical and mental conditioning through various classes and components with a focus on balance, breathing, functional movements & surf techniques (examples shown below). Through our MBS (Mind, Body, Soul) Training, members will learn to look to themselves for guidance...building awareness, motivation and confidence.

An after-school program will also be offered and is designed to challenge the student's body through physical and mental training. Additionally, the facility will be available for private rental for birthday parties and other events. 


We hope to inspire you, improve your surfing and life, and have a great time together. Woot!


Wave Ramp

Build muscle memory for surfing with a surf-skate on a land wave.



Train using muscle integration to ensure major muscle groups work together in a coordinated effort.



Focus on conscious awareness of inhales and exhales. 


Rock Wall

Work every muscle group in your body, including lungs and heart.



For balance training, recreation, and a moving meditation.


Balance Training

Strengthen the muscles that help keep you upright, including legs and core.


Animal Flow

Enhance strength and muscle tone in ground-based, bodyweight movements.


Peg Wall

Increase grip strength and build your lats, traps, shoulders, core, and biceps.



Build muscle, bone strength, balance, and agility.

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